dijous, 14 de gener de 2010


Comunicat d'InSEA:

Dear InSEA members and colleagues interested in InSEA,
Season's greetings and best wishes for a successful and happy year 2010

Internet and e-mail have increased the possibilities for information and
Please see www.insea.org for the InSEA newsletter.
As InSEA members you should receive the InSEA Journal. If this is not the case
check your membership either with me or the Treasurer Jim Sanders.
During the last half years most European InSEA members (based on the
membershiplist of August) have been informed individually individually about
the status of their membership. In case you have not received such a letter,
please let me know.

InsEA Europe welcomes a new national group, the Latvian Friends of InSEA
managed to officially form a LAT-InSEA.
I hope the same will happen in the near future with the informal group of
"Lithuanian Friends of InSEA.

The 2010 congress will take place in Finland. Please check the congress website

And today I have received the flyer for the InSEA World Congress which will take
place 2010 in Budapest.
I will send it with a separate mail.

We are in the process of updating the InSEA Europe website.
LAT InSEA is already online with all informations and the webmaster is working
on the update for Croatia which was sent by Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic.
Please have a look at the website and send me information or report back on
changes in your details.
http://www.insea.europe.uf.acat should serve as a platform.
A focus of next year will be the promotion of contacts among school teachers
which could help them to consider participating in a European Union exchange

Apologies for all administrative shortcomings during the last year.

Once again best wishes and kind regards

Angelika Plank
Chair European Regional Council of InSEA